Profit Accumulator Review – Matched Betting Madness

This is going to be the first page of this site reviewing profit accumulator, one of the most popular paid forums in the UK for making money with risk free betting.

Profit Accumulator – Who are they?

If you are looking for a very long and indepth profit accumualator review then I recommend


Hey Hey.. I don’t know if you have heard of Matched Betting but I hadn’t recently, betting is a mugs game so until last month I thought this was to but I am having a blast so have used an old domain to start blogging about it.

Basically, matched betting is when you do bet on something but use whats called a betting exchange to do the opposite, so basically you use a exchange to bet something is not going to win.

For example, for my first bet I used Coral (I am in the UK and you can only use this in the UK) and bet on a horse on a Tuesday afternoon to win at Coral but then used Betfair which is abetting exchange to bet the horse would lose.

What this means is I got a free bet from Coral when I signed up of £20 which I then used but they layed on Betfair. The way the calculations work which are way over my head, means that nomatter if you horse wins or loses, you get the profit on either the bookie side or the exchange.

That’s basically the premise, so will go into it further now.

By the way I thought this image summed it up pretty well –


A Match Betting Example:

This is written in decimal instead of fractions as most people match betting use decimal asits easier to read.

Lets say Arsenal are playing a match against Everton with Coral or whatever bookie you chose to use at odds of 3 for Arsenal to win and the odds of Everton at 4, or even for the game to be a draw, the odds being 3.

What you would do is goto Coral or your bookie and bet a team to win so lets use Arsenal in this example at oddsof 3 with a stake of £10. You would open an account at Betfair or a simulr betting exchange and lay the bet , so you are betting for Arsenal to lose. Say the odds for Arsenal to lose at betfair are 2.56, this would give you a profit of £1.36 after Betfair have taken their 5% commission.

Now this is a small example but if you were to bet a higher amount or find a game with higher odds then you would win more.

Say for example you bet £50, then you would win £6.77

Now its not as simple to lay as you would think, you do need to have a certain amount of cash in the Betfair account you opened to cover what’s called the Liability which is what you pay if your lay bet loses, which would goto whoever bet in Betfair for that team to win.

This is why it’s a good idea to do this match betting for a new account only, then use the free bet you get from the bookie. You can easily make £1000 over the first few months by signing up and using the free bets offered.

Anyway, a match betting calculator such as Trickybet will show you how much to lay on the Betfair side but also the amount of money you additionally need in your betfair account to cover the liability. You get this back when you bet at the bookie with the free bet, as you use the Stake Not Returned option in the match betting calculator, there are quite a few found online.

Remember this is not risky betting, it’s risk free so make sure you stick to the system as the only error then is human error.